SPECIAL PROGRAM REGISTRATION: Click on the URL below for  special programs that are by online appointment scheduling only. To access the online schedule registration participants must create a password and schedule a FREE consultation appointment with a certified trainer prior to registering for these programs.




There are no long-term commitments. Month-to-month, 3 month and annual membership packages available. Each include full gym access and free Level 1 group classes.

  • Full Year Payment: Total Amount $525.00
  • One Year Contract with Monthly Payment Plan: $45.00 per month

*Please Note: All monthly dues are due on the day of registration each month. Installments on yearly ocntracts must be paid automatically monthly (credit card or electronic transfer details must be supplied before or on first day membership).

  • Monthly Payment Plan: $49.00 per month
  • Monthly Payment Plan for Parent/Child: $74.00 per month
  • New Member 3 month Discount (includes one free Private Lesson): $120.00
  • Six Month Membership: $275.00

*Please Note: Monthly dues are $49.00 after the first 3 months

We also offer discounts to law enforcement officers, firefighters and U.S. Military.

*Please Note: There are no refunds for payments made and membership carries with it the responsibility of appropriate conduct. Violation of any rules or other abusive or irresponsible behavior may result in a suspension of fitness center privileges with no refund.