Boxing Programs

Our 5 Level Boxing program instructs on proper boxing stance, jab and power punch technique. Advance to footwork, and how to throw hooks and uppercuts. Learn to catch, block, slip, and throw basic counter punches.


Gain strength and conditioning through the use of Russian kettlebells. Proven to be an invaluable training tool, our certified Instructors offer classes for beginners as well as MOC Competition training.

Personal Training

ROC also focuses on individual achievement. We have the experience and expertise to ensure an effective training regiment geared toward personal exercise goals.


In addition to the Level 1 - 5 Boxing program, there is also the Amateur Program. Participants in this program range from all ages and the number of participants has been growing. Participating in an amateur program allows boxers to compete at local, regional and national levels. You train as a team and can compete with other teams at other clubs, and in competitions such as Golden or Silver Glove. Contact us for more information.

Competition Style KETTLEBELL

Set personal goals and make it happen with Girevoy sport kettlebell training. During this 12 week session you will choose an already established weight class and event to compete in, learn competitive style techniques, all the rules and regulations of a kettlebell competition and enhance your fitness training with a MOC competition to end it off!

Personal Training

We want you to be as strong as possible. That’s why all our workouts are highly personalized to your specific goals and abilities. We’ll help your muscles grow, getting you stronger and leaner.  Our team is highly-trained in all aspects of coaching. They aren’t just employees — they’re passionate about your success. They’re committed to helping you tap into the athlete that you have always dreamed of becoming.


Full Year Payment

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One Year Contract

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Parent/Child Plan

Monthly Payment Plan


New Member Discount

3 month discount w/1 Free Lesson

$120 for first 3 months

Six Month Membership

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*Please Note: There are no refunds for payments made and membership carries with it the responsibility of appropriate conduct. Violation of any rules or other abusive or irresponsible behavior may result in a suspension of fitness center privileges with no refund.


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