Program Descriptions

There are a number of structured programs for both boxing and kettlebell offered at the ROC for all ages, and for all stages of fitness. ROC Boxing is also happy to put together custom programs, and provide Personal Training. 

 5 LEVEL BOXING PROGRAM  (available co-ed or female only):

  • LEVEL 1: Learn proper boxing stance, jab and power punch technique.
  • LEVEL 2: Learn proper footwork, and how to throw proper hooks and uppercuts.
  • LEVEL 3: Learn how to catch, block, slip and parry punches and throw basic counter punches.
  • LEVEL 4: Learn more counter punches and work both offense and defense.
  • LEVEL 5: Learn how to fight inside and put everything together for full-contact sparring.

KETTLEBELL: ROC Boxing & Fitness is the first gym to offer structured kettlebell classes. At ROC we have included Russian kettlebells as a means of strength and conditioning training for our members and boxing team. It has proven to be an invaluable training tool and consistently produces positive results. Classes are one hour in duration and are led by Certified Kettlebell Instructors. There are classes available for beginners, as well as more advanced participants.

KETTLEBELL - Competition Style: Set personal goals and make it happen with Girevoy sport kettlebell training. During this 12 week session you will choose an already established weight class and event to compete in, learn competitive style techniques, learn all the rule and regulations of a kettlebell competition and enhance your fitness training with a MOC competition to end it off! Class is limited to 15, and experience with kettlebells is a must.

AMATEUR BOXING PROGRAM:In addition to the Level 1 - 5 Boxing programs offered at the ROC, there is also the Amateur Program. Participants in this program range from all ages and there are currently 20 participants in the program. Participating in an amateur program allows boxers to compete at local, regional and national levels.You train as a team and can compete with other teams at other clubs, and in competitions such as Golden or Silver Glove. Contact us for more information.


  • Corporate and Collegiate Programs
  • Custom Classes & Programs designed on request
  • Youth Boxing Camps
  • Boxing/Kettlebell Boot Camps
  • Personal Training Available