Youth Boxing Program - Intermediate

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5:00pm - 6:00pm

Winter Youth Boxing Program for 8 to 16 year olds. Builds self-confidence and overall self-discipline all while having lots of fun. The program is 8 weeks long. It includes Boxing Skill Development - learn proper boxing stance, footwork and individual /combination punching. Develop defense skills, and learn blocks and slips. Workout using the heavy bag, target mitt work, and situation sparring. As well it provides excellent conditioning - rope jumping, calisthenics, plyometric drills, and flat and hill runs.


Tuesday - Dana Chubb

Thursday - Bernie Barco


  • LEVEL 1: Learn proper boxing stance, jab and power punch technique.
  • LEVEL 2: Learn proper footwork, and how to throw proper hooks and uppercuts.
  • LEVEL 3: Learn how to catch, block, slip and parry punches and throw basic counter punches.
  • LEVEL 4: Learn more counter punches and work both offense and defense.
  • LEVEL 5: Learn how to fight inside and put everything together for full-contact sparring.

Price is $175.

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