April 2012 - Junior Olympics!!!!

Congratulations to our own Robert (Bobo) Jiles for his amazing win this year in Lake Placid!! Take a look at his fight and good luck at the finals!!!!!

April 2011 - GOLDEN GLOVES!

Once again ROC Boxing has had a number of boxers representing us at the Golden Gloves. First Round was March 26th where we had 7 awesome bouts, with 4 wins with 5 total moving to the next round. April 9th was the semi finals and what a night of boxing. Christian Henderson and Lawrence King put on a good showing but did not win their bouts. Edgardo Pabon had a match bout and will proceed to the finals.  JonCarlo Callea wins his bout against a "beast". Not representing the ROC in shirt, but one of our Aquinas fighters had a heck of a fight that Coach Bernie votes fight of the night even though Josh did not win. Congratulations to all our boxers! We are so proud of you, and thank you for representing us with such skill and professionalism!!

Finals are April 16th. Come support JonCarlo and Edgardo on their quest for  Golden Gloves wins!

December 9th, 2010 the ROC travels to OHIO and WINS the TROPHY:

Top amateur boxers to clash

Published: Thu, December 9, 2010 @ 12:09 a.m.
By Greg Gulas
A return to the ring by one the area's top-ranked females and a local fighter who will take on the 2009 National Golden Gloves champion in the main event highlight the third annual Bob Roth amateur boxing show Friday at the Saxon Club.
Nineteen bouts are on tap with 13 of those contests pitting fighters from New York against fighters from the Valley or elsewhere in Ohio.
"Bob [Roth] was like as second dad to me," said tournament director Jack Loew. "My father passed away on Valentine's Day in 2000, the day when Kelly [Pavlik] and I returned from the Olympic Trials in Colorado Springs.
"It was Bob who I turned to, called every day and over the years was the one who took it upon himself to help bring interest in amateur boxing back to the Mahoning Valley."
The event is the main fundraiser for Loew's Southside Boxing Club. He uses the proceeds to pay utilities, buy equipment and pay travel costs for out-of-town boxing events. Loew is also hoping to pave the gym's parking lot.

Youngstown's Stephanie "The Billion Dollar Baby" Sahli, a former K.O. Drugs champion who was 10-1 overall in the event, will return to the ring after a year and a half layoff. She will fight Christy Luck of Columbus in the co-feature.
"The urge to fight never really left me and with a little more free time now on my hands, I returned to training," said Sahli, who graduated from YSU with an early childhood education degree and now teaches full-time. "I really missed the competition and will be in shape.
"I expect to have a good showing despite the time away."
The main feature, a 132-pound clash, will pit Youngstown's Marco Hall against New York's Brandon Williams, the 2009 National Golden Gloves champion.
"I have trained really hard and I expect to win in front of my fans," Hall said. "I know absolutely nothing about my opponent [Williams], but expect the fight to be hard-fought from the opening bell."

June 25th - ROC against the Marines and June 26th - Joe LaTempa in Lackawana

Three of our ROC fighters fought Friday night against some US Marines. Demetrius Rivera came home with a trophy. Lawrence King's fight got stopped with a 'no contest' call after the ring fell apart on the fighters. Henry Kaester went up against his toughest opponent yet. Nice work gentlemen. Kudos to you for even considering getting  in the ring with these highly trained fighting machines! And then to add to the boxing excitement this weekend, Joe LaTempa travelled to Lackawan and came home with a win!!! Awesome team!!!

May 8, 2010 - Raging Wolf VII - Mayhem in the Mist MMA match

Don Carlo Clauss vs. Josh Thorpe, Don wins a very exciting match, this match was by far the most exciting match of the evening. Don, lost the first round but made the necessary adjustments to win the close match. Don showed the heart of champion and the will of a Spartian warrior, and left the ring with sheild in hand. Great job Donny.

April 23, 2010 - Golden Gloves FINALS, Buffalo

Awesome showing from our fighters and from our fans. John Couster and Jeremy Hudak come home as State Champions. Tim Kelly put on an awesome showing as last fight of the night. Thank you to our supporters that came out (some as far as Toronto!!!!). It was a fun and exciting night. And a special tribute to Coach Bernies matching shirt and shoes!!!


April 9, 2010 - Golden Gloves Semi-Finals, Buffalo

Henry Kaester and Lawrence King made their way to the semi's in Buffalo. Henry weighted in too lite with his opponent weighing in too heavy so no fight. Lawrence displayed an awesome amount of skill against his 23 year old opponent, but didn't end up winning this bout. However, based on this exciting fight the whole audience knows to watch out for this 17 year old from Rochester! Remember, we have a lot of fighters going to the finals on April 23 and we need a good Rochester crowd there to cheer them on!

April 1, 2010 - Upper Cut Gym, Minneapolis

No, its no April Fools joke, we got a call to send fighters to Minneapolis, MN to do a show for the 2010 Rugby Night at the Fights VI. Henry, Tim, Demetrius, and Andrew are fighting accompanied by Coach Bernie and Coach Dana. The team strutted their new uniforms throughout the famous mall and other other sites, and got to use the very cool facilities at the Upper Cut Gym. Demetrius fought first winning his fight. Andrew loses a 3-2 fight that was a barnburner!!!!! Henry WINS against an open fighter. Tim officially loses his fight, but that wasn't the fight the audience was watching so there was a bit of a rumble about that decision. WAY TO GO team!



March 27, 2010: Charity event KOBC

I would like to extend my utmost appreciation to all my Roc Boxing and Aquinas boxers and coaches who participated in a fantastic event. You all made me so proud, it just goes to show you what a great group of boys and girls, men and women we have at our gym, we did for a goodness and we accomplished greatness, you make opening the doors on 524 Atlantic Ave. a real joy. Love you all. Check out the pictures at

March 20, 2010:

OUTSTANDING participation at the Golden Gloves qualifying tournament. The supporters that came out  were the best cheerleaders there. The coaches were great, and most importantly, our fighters represented the ROC with incredible skill, showmanship, courage and a number of wins to take us to the next stage of the tournament. Orlando and Robert showed their awesome skill and left the crowd in anticipation of these fine young gentlemen's next fights. These kids are tough and they looked fantastic! Jesse Law was INCREDIBLE against the hometown favorite. In this coaches humble opinion, he won that fight. He did some damage to the crowd's favorite and walked away making his coaches very, very proud! Both John Couser and Jon Weintraub fought exciting fights both were super charged and full of punches and they both advance to the next tournament April 9th. At the end of the night our own Jeremy Hudak and Henry Kaester had to fight each other to advance, but demonstrated to the onlookers one of the most important skill there is in boxing which is tremendous sportsmanship. Jeremy will be advancing to represent the ROC.  Thank you to all that came yesterday for your help, your patience and your support. What a day!!




March 13, 2010:

3 of our ROC Amateurs travelled to the Lackawana Boxing Club this weekend. Robert Diaz did an outstanding job and won his first fight! Andy Rice fought his first fight against an experienced combat fighter and showed true grit and courage. Demetrius Legno brought down the house to lose his fight but to win the Fight of the Night Award. Congratulations boxers. Its always an achievement in of itself to train hard enough to enter that ring! Looking forward to seeing more of these guys at the Golden Gloves next weekend!

March 1, 2010: Mission Bout Prelims day one

10 matches 20 kids fought their hearts out, proud of every one of them. March 2nd day two of prelimies 11 matches scheduled, stop by Aquinas and suport "students fighting for the missions"

Finals Friday March 5th, first bell 7:00 PM.


February 27, 2010: checkout article about match Aq and Cincy.,-c...


February 20th Aquinas vs. Cincinnati High School Boxing:

Today the Aquinas boxing team met Cincinnati High School  Boxing which is made up of nine different high schools from Cincinnati Ohio. Aquinas won most of the matches, most importantly was the high level of respect and sportsmanship displayed by both Teams. This is the 7th meeting of both teams, a very unique event because these are only 2 High School programs in the country.


Aquinas VS> Cincinnati High School boxing

Christian DeJesus (AQ) d. Jim Breitenbach

Dylan Cup (AQ) d. John Conrad

Aarika Kaester (AQ) d. Sami Newcomer

Joseph Battisti (AQ) d. Johnny Kuprionis

Andrew Zgoda (C) d. Mark Zajac

Will Leonardo (AQ) d. Pat Hunt

Kyle Haselmyer (C) d. Adam Loss

Luke Larison (C) d. Anthony Schnieder

John Lucas (C) d. Frank Insalaco

Jeff Cullen (AQ) d. Joe Kuliifay

Michael Witfield (AQ) d. Tyler Nunn

George Doughtery (AQ) d. Kyle Costa

Sean Scott (C) d. Tommy Fornarola

Jon Carlo Caliea (AQ) d. Cody Dryer

Michael Schiffhauer (AQ) d. Jake Spect

Ryann Anthony (AQ) d. Ryann Scanion

Nick Siriani (AQ) d. Michael Moriarty

Frank Buscemi (AQ) d. Dylan Wever

Adam Gionta (AQ) d. Sam Wheatly

Christian Henderson (AQ) d. Alex Villasanti

Daniel Moore (C) d. Andy Loss

Josh Leonardo (AQ) d. Greg Garland

K. Ahshaad Taylor (C) d. Joe Tarana


Ten Rochester-area youth boxers claimed Region I Silver Gloves championships and have advanced to the National Silver Gloves competition Feb. 3-6 in Independence, Mo. They are as follows:Gracious Richards (55 pounds, St. Martin Boxing), Mark Garcia (65, St.Martin), Kieshawn Stone (75, St. Martin) and Messiah Miles (105, FutureBoxing) won junior (ages 10-11) titles; Hoshuan Sambolin (95, ROC Boxing), Robert Jiles (119, ROC) and Nicholas Dovidio (201, Future Boxing) claimed intermediate (12-13) titles,  and Carlens Wright (105, ROC Boxing )  D'Andres Hockerson (106, St. Martin) and Shawn Johnson (201, St. Martin) won senior (14-15) championships.

This years crop of Region 1 Champions( NY, NJ, VT, NH, CT, MA, ME and RI ) have beaten the best in the 8 states that comprise the entire North East.  A state that has 10 boxers qualify for the Nationals is impressive, especially having a city with the population of Rochester.  Sending 10 Regional Champions to the Nationals is front page news!! It has been in effect for 21 years. Fighers like Oscar DeLahoya fought in the Silver Gloves.

Good luck to all our boxers!!!!


The team arrived at the Silver Gloves safe and sound. Weigh ins were this morning and a total of 285 kids were weighed in. The first bell is at 6:00 pm tonight. Our on location contacts say the young men are LOOKING GOOD!

Silver Gloves Venue


Watch Nino's warmup. Must have been a good one because it helped him with his first WIN of the tournament!!!

Watch Bobo's warmup!

This is Pooh getting ready!


After an exciting first day, and some very, very close bouts, Rochester has 4 fighters left in the tournament. Nick Dovidio wins belt. Nino fights tonight at 6:00 pm.Shawn Johnson's last fight is later tonight as well. All our boxers are champs, but we're sending lots of good luck to these 4 as they continue on in this tournament.

Congratulations to  D'andres Hockerson who dominated opponent in his 3:00 fight, and wins his fight advancing in the tournament! Nino fought awesome and had his way with his opponent in the third round, but not enough points in the first two rounds to win. He looked great!

Nino getting ready for fight number 2!


There were 44 final bouts on day three, one of which included Rochester's boxer D'andres Hockerson which was a decision in his opponents favour. But while D'andres was getting ready for his big fight, some of our other boxers were celebrating all their hard work in style!! Congratulations to all these boxers for making it to this competition. You guys are very inspiring. Keep up the awesome work.

Congratulations to Don Carlo Clauss (MMA) on his win last Saturday night!!!!! He's been working out with Coach Dom and that Sweet Science seems to be paying off for him.


This past weekend, Saturday January 30th, 7 boxers representing the ROC Amateur Team, travelled to the Syracuse Golden Gloves Center to box. It was a great day with 2 wins (Kam Buroughs and Keith Smith) and overall very close bouts for our other competitors (Mark Denesha, Tim Kelly, Robert Diaz, Geo Dougherty, and Andrew Grecco).




The Aquinas Mission Bouts have been in existence for over 70 years. As the story goes, they found their origin in the early 1930's when a faculty member helped two students settle a "friendly" dispute by donning a pair of boxing gloves and "blow off some steam" the old fashioned way. This competition gave rise to an annual event, which provided opportunity for students to learn the sweet science of boxing. The program has an emplasis on eduation  that reinforces the Aquinas educational mission, promotes school pride, teaches life skills to its participants, positively influences the growth and development of the students involved, and supports and encourages academic and personal achievement.

The head coach says the kids learn a lot during the 14 weeks of training. "They learn about how important hard work is to be successful," said Dom Arioli, boxing head coach. "We emphasize that and in this event, we also show off to to their parents and fellow students what they've learned during the 14 weeks." The money at the event benefits the Basilian Fathers Mission. Aquinas is only one of three high schools in the country to have a boxing program.

This kids have been training getting ready for the 78th annual Mission Bouts and have their first challenge with visitors from Cincinnati, OHIO on February 20th.


Congratulations to our own Robert (Bobo) Jiles for his awesome win at Lake Placid this year!

Congratulations to our own Robert (Bobo) Jile for his win at the Junior Olympics!!!