Over 100 years ago, the old-time strongmen used kettlebells for overall strength and endurance training. Now they are becoming popular again and are being used by professional athletes, martial artists, the U.S. military, law enforcement officers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The reason for this increased popularity is the high levels of strength endurance and long-term stamina they build for when the going gets tough.

Proper kettlebell training also teaches the use of momentum in real-life situations that cannot be replicated by machines, barbells or dumbbells, due to their limited range of motion. 

ROC Boxing has almost two hundred kettlebells available for use, varying in weight from 8 to 106 lbs. to suit various levels of fitness.

There are also two styles available based on your preference: Pro-grade (competition) and Russian (fitness) style.

It is the perfect workout program for both men and women, from beginner to elite athlete.