I have been training myself and others for over 40 years and in this section, I will share my own daily workouts, journal style.

What Next? 

As I stated at the start of the year, the importance of setting goals and challenges for yourself, well I just completed the 55 challenge and ended it with one of my tougher routines. It really tested my metal, and that this old guy still has alot of fight left. My next goal is to train for and enter my first Kettlebell (Girevoy Sport or GS) competition. As a coach I want to learn as much as I can, kettlebell training, (thanks to my good freind Bob Urtis, who first introduced this crazy cannonball with a handle to me 8 years ago), what better way to learn than to train as a competitor. Walk the walk. Jenifer Jacobs Alfieri will also be training with me, testing her numbers against the female competitors. So not only will I be training myself but I will also have the opportuinity to coach.

My plan is to approach this competition as I would prepare for a big boxing match. My training will be broken done into 3 phases.  Phase 1, strength building and general physical conditioning which includes increased flexibility, (range of motion) and endurance. Phase 2, improve technique, skill building , sport specific condioning, and improve my work capacity. Phase 3 pre-competition preparation, make weight, test the numbers. (if I was boxing lots of sparring).

The following is a series of information I gathered from different sources on the subject of GS competition.

I want to share and maybe clarify a few things about training with Russian Kettlebells (RKB) here in USA. Russian kettlebells can be used in fitness training as well as in the more traditional sport of Girevoy or GS. (Girevoy Sport)

You need to understand the difference between GS training and just RKB training, and there is a MAJOR difference.

Let's talk first about GS. What is GS?

GS is a very specific type of kettlebell training/direction. This is the professional sport of kettlebells, which includes two types of competition: Classic (Jerk and Snatch) and the Long Cycle (clean and jerk)

During a GS competition the athlete competes in one of the above mentioned competitions. The goal is to complete the highest number of reps in 10 minutes WITH OUT setting the kettlebells down.

The main focus of GS is to compete. (The fitness side of it is just an added benefit) GS is a very difficult sport that requires many things to be competitive. Technique, Consistency, Guts and Patience, and extreme conditioning. Sounds simple right? (Trust me it is not easy.)

There are a few steps that you need to follow and also know how to follow:

a. Technique
b. Strength
c. Conditioning
d. Goal
e. Consistency
f. Focus
g. Knowing how to train to pick out right on time.
h. Small steps

The rules: (coming)

The Kettlebell snatch:

The Kettlebell Jerk

Long cycle Jerk 2 kettlebells


I will give a daily update of our training routines and progress. We have also been planning our diets to fuel our efforts, I will post any new reciepes under nutrition.

July 11th, drill day and video... today we work on more leg drive we incorporate the use of the plyo box see video:

you can see how it increased our leg drive for both the snatch and swing.

Next we video'd another multiple view of our snatch lift, the bell seems to float up as denis suggest but we are losing some control at the top see, but once we get pace done it will help see video:this was 2nd take after a long set, coach hit wrong button sorry Jen:

next we video'd our jerk lift for the first time ver rough, need practice see video:

July 7th, 2010

Boxing workout rowing and punching 20 minutes...GS mil lift hold 2 bells in rack, jerk one bell other bell is achor. total 50 reps each side sets of 5 and 10, coach 16kg, jen 16 kg.

July 4th, 2010

Video #3 snatch lift Coach Dom and Jen...front, side left, back, side right and front

July 3, 2010

July 2, 2010

Did snatch lift drills with light bell did 6 minutes 3 times 20 rpm, coach used 12kg jen used 8kg. Added strenght complex 15 minutes (5 cleans,  5 squats and 5 military press) as many as you can in both sides, coach 24kg, JA 12kg.


June 30, 2010

Boxing workout 3 rounds jump rope, JM, shadowbox 3 rounds and heavyback 2 hard rounds. work on jerk lift drill bump, work our swings, clean and push presse, use lite, medium and heavy loads.

June 29, 2010

More stretchinging and work snatch lift techique with lite bell..

June 28, 2010

Tech day review phase of second copetition lift Jerk, break it down practice drills, grip and rack position.

June 27, 2010

Rest day

June 26, 2010

Flexibility(increase range of motion day) and endurance day: 10 minutes Joint mobility no weight, 10 minute static work on TRX, 10 minute flow movement JM with light kettlebell. 10 minutes GPP burpee's, jumpin jacks, air squats, mt climbers, pushups and more burpee's. we went at 80%, learning how to manage fatigue.

June 25, 2010

Elevated 1 arm dead lifts 10 minutes 30 seconds I go Jen goes, 32kg coach jen 20kg, elevated jumping squats 12minutes 30 seconds I go Jen goes 24kg coach, Jen 16kg. better work out than Yesterday. Smile

June 24, 2010

Snatch lift prep work 1arm Dead Lifts 5 minutes, swings 5 minutes, snatch swing combos 120 sec.left and right, X 2. snatch lift 3 minutes each side: comment pace to fast really burn our grips, need to train at slower pace practice OH work more.Frown


June 23, 2010

Boxing workout: jump rope 5-3m rounds, shadowbox 3-3m rounds, heavybag work 2 hard rounds..snatch drills 6 min swing alternate sides and height of bell with light kettlebell repeat twice. OH snatch hold drills.


June 22, 2010

Early morning 2000 meters C2 rower, afternoon strength workout: elevated one arm stiff leg deadlifts reach deep 5 minutes alternating hands 40w - 20r. coach 24kg Jen 16kg.Heavy snatch lifts 15 minutes 3l-3r 1st 5m coach 24 and 28kg Jen 16kg, 2nd 5m coach 32kg Jen 16kg, last 5m coach 32kg, Jen 20kg, finish 10L, 10R....TGU 7 minutes coach 32kg jen 16kg. very humid

June 21, 2010

Grip, stableizer muscles, OH drills phase 2. farmer walks, rank walks and OH carries. Work on proper hand position at the top.

June 20, 2010

Snatch lift test video day, phase one drill getting kb overhead....3 minutes each side with competition weight.see video

June 19, 2010

Flexibility(increase range of motion day) and endurance day: 10 minutes Joint mobility no weight, 10 minute static work on TRX, 10 minute flow movement JM with light kettlebell. Worked core hanging leg raises 5 sets of 10-15, planks with movement on USA body strength aparatus..


June 18, 2010

Strength day 2: warm up joint mobility, 15 minutes single leg deadlifts 3reps left 3 reps right repeat as many as you can rest when tired, coach 32kg JA 20kg, complex 15 minutes (5 cleans,  5 squats and 5 military press) as many as you can in both sides, coach 24kg, JA 12kg.

June 17, 2010

Today we concntrate on drills for phase one, one arm deadlifts 5 minutes, lazy swing 5 minutes, full swings 5 minutes and 3 minutes of swings at variable heights, being very aware of our hand position and when each of the primary muscle groups move the ths secondary muscle take over. Snatch lift test medium intensity 90 seconds each side total 3 minutes both Jen and I did 70 reps each total, did not feel bad. " The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" Wink

June 16, 2010

Rest Day

June 15, 2010

Rest Day

June 14, 2010

Strength day: warmup and joint mobility 10 minutes, 15 minutes of heavy snatches, 3left 3right as many sets a you can, both of us looked strong, the form days are paying off, coach 28kg, 32kg JA 16kg, 20kg, 15 minutes couplet 10 lunges left and right, with 10 bent over rows left right... 32kg, JA 16kg...finisher 5 minutes of TGU's 24kg, JA 16kg bells felt very light... Wink

June 13, 2010

Today we concntrated again on drills for phase one of the snatch lift, one arm deadlifts, lazy swing and full swings being very aware of our hand position... Each of the three drills we did timed sets of 5 minutes each movement using our competition weight.  Next we worked on the snatch lift, doing timed sets 60, and 90 seconds each arm, concentrating on form, breathing and pace, also using our competition weight. We both did much better than our first time through, coach is understanding the GS technique better (thanks Denis).

June 12, 2010

Saturday Kettlebell Class, led class and work with them... Joint Mobility10 minutes, mini kb flow drill circuit 5 minutes. 5 minutes RTGU, 15 minutes kb complex clean, rack squat, strict press no legs, go heavy left side right side (slow grinding) 15 minulte complex medium load bell 3 swings left, 3 high pulls left, 3 snatches left repeat right do as many rounds as you can.. finish 10 minutes abs.

June 11, 2010

Got feedback from my GS coach after he looked at our Video's , as a result of his analysis we started to do some basic kettlebells drills to help improve our form for the snatch lift. Denis Kanygin our coach suggested that we break the lift into 3 phases. Phase one getting the bell to the overhead position, Phase 2 the overhead postion, phase 3 the bottom position. Today we concntrate on drills for phase one, one arm deadlifts, lazy swing and full swings being very aware of our hand position and when each of the primary muscle groups move the ths secondary muscle take over. Today was a learning day.

June 10, 2010

Strength day 2: warm up joint mobility, 15 minutes single leg deadlifts 3reps left 3 reps right repeat as many as you can rest when tired, coach 32kg JA 20kg, complex 15 minutes (5 cleans,  5 squats and 5 military press) as many as you can in both sides, coach 24kg, JA 12kg.

June 9, 2010

Boxing workout: jump rope 5-3m rounds, shadowbox 3-3m rounds, heavybag work 2 hard rounds..snatch drills 2 min eachside with light kettlebell repeat twice. easy day train smart.


June 8, 2010

Flexibility(increase range of motion day) and endurance day: 10 minutes Joint mobility no weight, 10 minute static work on TRX, 10 minute flow movement JM with light kettlebell. 10 minutes GPP burpee's, jumpin jacks, air squats, mt climbers, pushups and more burpee's. we went at 80%, learning how to manage fatigue.

Competition status all registered Coach: Mens Senior Biathlon weight class 73kg (160.5)

Jen: Woman Amatuer Biathlon (Snatch and Jerk combined numbers)


June 7, 2010

Strength Day: Heavy snatches 5l 5r for 15 minutes very explosive form rest 30-60 sec after set. coach used 32kg JA usded 16kg. 15 minutes of 1l,1r RTGU coach used 32kg, JA used 16 kg we got 20 each in. One arm swings 1 minute left 1 minute right repeat 3 times coach used 24kg JA used 16kg...Home work 60 and 90sec snatch work repeat 4 times eachside no rest coach used 16kg trying to perfect form have a ways to go.

June 6, 2010

Today we trained smart work flexibility, grip work and shot firsts vids of our techniques at the start of phase 1. The video's are of both of us performing the overhead snatch, we are using light bells till our techiques are perfected. Coach Dom 16kg and JA 12kg.

Coach Dom front view

Coach Dom side view

Jen front view

Jen side view

June 5, 2010

Strength day: single leg dead lift 1-3 ladder up each leg do as many ladder sets as  can for 15 minutes. use a 32kg and 40kg, JA 20kg and 24kg.... couplet military press, LC 5 reps each side with goblet squats 5 reps doe as many as can n 15 minutes. use 32kg, JA 16kg and 18kg...finisher swing for 10 minutes left and right 20 sec work 10sec rest.... shoot vid of snatch.

June 4, 2010

Raw conditioning jump rope for 15 minutes, 10 minutes of joint mobility, 15 minutes of GPP (general physical preparation) burpee's, jumping jacks, air squats and rapidfire punching. Core work 5 sets of side plank Kettlebell rows 15 each side, 15 V-ups, 5 rollouts, 30 seconds of crybabies, 15 superman's.

June 3, 2010

Today was a day to work on increasing our range of motion, and core, 10 minutes of joint mobility no weights, 10 minutes of streching using the TRX, 10 minutes of flow movements with light kettlebells, technique work snatch 1minute left and 1minute right, Jerk 1minute left one minute right, and long cycle Jerk 1minute right 1minute left. used 16kg ja used 12kg. Core work 10 minutes.

June 2, 2010

15 minutes of heavy snatches 1,2,3 ladder left and right 1,2,3 ladder repeat as many and you can in 15 minutes, used 28kg and 32kg JA used 16kg,

RTGU (reverse turkish getups) 1L 1R do as many as you can in 15 minutes 32kg Ja used 16kg.

Swings 1 arm 20 work 10 rest for 10 minutes. 24kg, JA 16kg.

55 Challenge

I had a birthday and turned 55, so I wanted to develop a routine that would relate to this milestone in my life. So I developed 31 routines using desending ladder protacol 10 - 1 , if you do the math its 55 repititions. I will do one of these routines for each day of the month of May, over and above my normal workout. Some of the routines involve simple cals' or body weight exercises, others use kettlebells or sandbags. As the days progress the routines get a little more challenging and involve multile movements (complexes). My workout partner Jen Alfieri, joined me in this journey so we will have the perspective from the stronger sex. No short cuts full ladders from  10  to 1.


The last of the 55 Challenge this is a Killer, tried to video it but coach is technically impared at times. This routine involved 6 movements on each side, you best not set the kettlebell down while doing a side.


Push press

Rack Squat

Staggered leg bent over row

Reverse lunge rack position


Completed this in less than 27 minutes I used a 24kg JA used a 12kg. Surprised YellTongue outWink



May 30, 2010

lateral jump burpees , do a burpee, jump over sandbag to right and burpee again jump back over sandbag to left ect. 9:45 nice pace need to save energy for the last one #31 the big one. Wink

May 29, 2010

KB complex clean, military (no push press), deep squat from rack (grind pace) 24kg, JA used 12kg (good one felt strong - 18 minutes) Wink

May 28, 2010

Double KB guard situps 2/16, JA 2/10 Tongue out end of the day/week

May 27, 2010

Ball slam. walk out to pushups (3m and 45 sec)

May 26, 2010

KB swing to a catch (train hard but smart, back off day) 20kg, JA used a12kg ...hotter than a pistol today, looks like more than a 3 shirt day, did not pack enough going to be a great summer Wink

May 25, 2010

Long cycle single jerk, 24kg JA used 12kg worked on form time under 6 minutes. Very hot day 3 shirts, after tough workout. Tongue out

May 24,2010

Pull ups, most dead hang some kipping, Yesterdays TGU's did me in but got through ladder #24


May 23, 2010

Reverse Turkish get up (TGU) (24kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg) JA 12kg time 23Minutes 44seconds Yell

May 22, 2010

KB omlete swing, clean and snatch 16kg, JA 12kg.

May 21, 2010

Renegade rows with  20kg, JA 12kg

May 20, 2010

Double KB clean to a walkout pushup

May 19, 2010

Guard KB si

May 18, 2010

Overhead KB squats 16kg, JA 20lb

tups 16kg, JA 20lb 

May 17, 2010

double Long cycle KB jerk (clean each time then jerk) used 20kg..need to work on form or get longer legs, @ 5'2" on a good day those competition are tough (tim

May 16, 2010

sandbag clean to a full zercher squat (clean every rep) (85lb sb 9m 6sec) Yell

e 14m 20 sec) Cry

May 15, 2010

Ring dips (tough) Frown

Prior to this ladder the work out we did today which came from my good freind Jason C. Brown

this is a KB and body weight routine 3 rounds

snatches 15r/15l

swings 15r/15l

long cycle clean and jerk 15r/15l

hindu pushups 15

our load, coach 16kg time 11m 44 seconds, JA 12kg time 12m 40 seconds Tongue out

May 14, 2010

KB Burpees 3m 45sec

May 13, 2010

Double KB Cleans 20 kg JA 12 kg ( 6m 20sec)

May 12, 2010

Hang from pull-up bar knee's to elbows

May 11, 2010

Single arm KB thrusters 24kg, JA used 16kg (4m 45 sec)

May 10, 2010

KB jerk 24kg JA used 16kg.

May 9, 2010

Heavy KB Swings 40 kg, JA used 24kg

May 8, 2010

Kettlebell snatches 10 right, 9 left, 8 right ect. 5M 15 seconds with a 28 kg, JA used 16kg

May 7, 2010

Deck squats - redo forgot to time it

May 6, 2010

Burpees - 4M 35 seconds

May 5, 2010

Bodyweight rows on rings -  re-do for got to time

May 4, 2010

Walkouts - 95 seconds

May 3, 2010

Squat thrusts or burps - 80 seconds

May 2, 2010

Air Squats - 74 seconds

May 1, 2010

Push-ups - 65 seconds

March 26, 2010 Congratulations

Great job Steve Lucia reaching his goal of getting through the full 40 minutes of the kettlebell Vo2 max snatch test. Steve did 80 rounds of 7 kettlebell snatches every 15 seconds, thats over 560 snatches. Coaches geting closer to his goal of coaching 10 people to meet the Vo2max snatch test. 4 down 6 to go.

March 24, 2010: New equipment

Very excited about the addition of 4 new TRX suspension systems that we will be incorporating into our conditioning class. For those who are not familiar with TRX its a 'Suspension Trainer', a new system for physical training that builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability with hundreds of functional exercises using your own bodyweight.

March 14, 2010: Congratulations

Great job Chris thran meeting his goal of getting through the full 40 minutes of the kettlebell Vo2 max snatch test thats over 600 snatches.

Coaches goal coach 10 people to get through the Vo2 max test so far Jen and Chris, Steve Lucia is making great progress.

March 13, 2010: Kettlebells VS. Bodweight...core and more.

(medium skill, advanced conditioning)

complete each couplet before moving to next, at each couplet 15w/15r-15w/15r for 10 minutes

the up down factor :/

  • kb double cleans
  • dive bombers or hindu pushups
  • double front squats
  • wipers
  • double presses/push press/seasaw
  • standing knees to elbows


March 11, 2010: Push pull strength

Start with 5 windmills each side and 3 reverse turkish get ups each side

  • Heavy press 5l/5r
  • pullups 5
  • pushups on rings 5
  • bodyweight rows 5
  • renegade rows 5l/5r
  • pushpresses 5l/5r

repeat 5 or 6 rounds

Keep punching

Coach DomWink

March 1st, 2010: Mondays noon class and coaches WOD

Protocal: 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest per movement, 4 rounds


  1. KB 2 handed swings
  2. 1/2 jacks or star jumps
  3. KB sumo hand to hand
  4. split jumps or lunge squats
  5. dead hang alternating KB cleans
  6. air squats deep and use good form sit back keep pressure off knees
  7. Long cycle KB jerks or push presses
  8. C crunches

I used 24 kg and Jen used 12 kg. good conditioning routine

Keep punching

Coach Dom Wink

February 28, 2010: Finisher

Good routine to do after your boxing workout

2 handed kettlebell swings and walkouts to a pushup

  1. 20 swings - 1 walkout
  2. 19 swings - 2 walkouts
  3. 18 swings - 3 walkouts
  4. 17 swings - 4 walkouts
  5. 16 swings - 5 walkouts
  6. 15 swings - 6 walkouts
  7. 14 swings - 7 walkouts
  8. 13 swings - 8 walkouts
  9. 12 swings - 9 walkouts
  10. 11 swings - 10 walkouts

use a medium to heavy kettlebell, if you need more continue the ladder till you hit 1 swing and 20 walkouts.

Coach Dom Wink

February 18, 2010: Back into it

Start with Reverse Turkish get-ups

Ladder up  1L,1R - 2L, 2R - 3L,3R

Ladder down 3L,3R - 2L,2R- 1L,1R

Protocal 40seconds of work 20seconds rest


  1. 2 handed KB swings
  2. 1 arm KB cleans (20sec left, 20sec right)
  3. Dips and pushups on KB bandles 20sec each movement.
  4. Air squats, sit back & go deep, I had butt touch medicine ball.
  5. C-crunches, full extension arms and legs

repeat 4 times take 1 minute rest between rounds

Coach Dom doesn't ask for much, please do me this one favor, stop what your doing and give your Mom a call and tell her you love her.

Keep Punching

Coach Dom

February 11, 2010: setting goals

My 3rd goal around fitness is to compile some respectable numbers in the Secrect Service Snatch test. The test is to do as many full one arm kettle bell snatches in 10 minutes. Men must use a 24 kg bell while woman are tested with a 12 kg bell a good number is to break 200 reps, a great number is 225 a fatastic number is 240. Rules you can change hands as many times as you want and also put the bell down, but you have only 10 minutes.

Today Jen and I set our basline so we can see were we are and set realistic goal numbers. Then we can prepare our plan of attack.

We planned to do 8 reps every 20 seconds while taking 10 second rest. Total number planned 160 conservative but kill ourselves out of the blocks.

Here is our actual numbers we averaged 9-11 reps per round so our number ended up being 190 plus for me and 200 plus for Jen. The Vo2 max snatch test  we did in January really help us out. Our goal for the SSST is to go after great numbers 225 plus. Stay tuned.

Keep Snatching

Coach Dom Surprised

February 8, 2010: Looks easy on paper

This routine I put together for my Monday noon KB class, I did this routine myself at 7:00 am with my WO partner to test it out I used a moderate weight of 24 kg and Jen used a 16 kg. The protocal we followed was 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for six rounds. My feeling on this routine, with the 30 seconds of rest between movements it will give you ample recovery to  go after each movement harder and with better technique.

The movements:

  • 2 handed KB swings
  • Deep knee bends weight back on your heels below parallel
  • 1 arm bent over rows 15 sec left/ 15 sec right
  • pushups or walkouts
  • kb 1arm snatches or swings or High pulls 15 sec lect/15 sec right

Challenge yourself by increasing your load or your pace use the 30 second rest for recovery so your form is perfect.

Keep punching and swinging

Coach Dom Wink

February 3, 2010:  The Year of Tabata

This is a boxing gym so get ready to punch.

Heavy Bag 1-2 rapid fire X 20 seconds

Rest X 10 seconds

Jumping Jack Roc Boxing style X 20 seconds

Repeat 4 times for total time 4 minutes

Heavy Bag 5-6 upercuts use uper cut bag X 20 seconds

Rest X 10 seconds

Deep Knee bends X 20 seconds

Repeat 4 times for 4 minutes

Heavy Bag 1-2 rapid fire X 20 seconds

Rest X 10 seconds

Burps or updowns X 20 seconds

Repeat 4 times for 4 minutes

KB darcy swings x 20 seconds

Rest X10 seconds

Punch as fast as you can in mirror X 20 seconds

Repeat 4 times for 4 minutes

KB figure to a hold X 20 seconds

uppercuts as fast as you can X 20

Repeat 4 times for 4 minutes

keep punching

Coach DomTongue out


January 31, 2010 : Pure Conditioning

Sunday morning alot goin on, not a lot of time but wanted a good workout, actual workout time 20-25 minutes, this workout is a modified version of the Agatsu Chrissy.

4 min fast pace jump rope

40 burpees

40 KB 2 handed swings

3 min fast pace jump rope

30 burpees

30 KB 2 handed swings

2 min fast pace jump rope

20 burpees

20 KB 2 handed swings

1 min fast pace jump rope

10 burpees

10 KB 2 handed swings

Coach has his sites set on reaching a couple of other goals for 2010

its going to be a Great year

keep punching

Coach DomSmile


January 25, 2010: Vo2 Max Kettebell Snatch Test update

This morning 6:00 am Jen and I continued our journey to train to complete our goal to complete the Vo2 Max Snatch test, well at 6:40 we stopped our training and guess what, that goal is history, 2 weeks early. 2 of my 5 goals met for 2010. 1st goal completing 80 rounds of snatches 7,8,9 per round about 630 - 640 snatches in 40 minutes. The second goal made and the more important goal is to coach one my students to became the 1st at Roc Boxing member to complete the Vo2 Max test, Jen GREAT job. What a great morning and what a workout.

Keep Punching

Coach Dom Tongue outWink



January 21, 2010 Vo2max Kettlebell Snatch test workout

 check link to see what Vo2Max is 

one of my goals for 2010 around fitness is to complete the Vo2 max  snatch test as outlined by Kenneth Jay in his book Viking Warrior Conditioning. The workout protocol consit of 15:15 work rest ratio alternating between your left and right arm performing a strict form kettlebell snatch. The rep range that my workout partner Jen Alfieri and I used was 8 per 15 seconds. We did 50 rounds or 25 minutes of snatches, total snatches done 400. To complete the test we will have to keep this pace for a total of 80 rounds, 40 minutes = about 640 snatches. The KB's used: Jen 12kg, Coach a 16kg. Hopefully we will complete this test by the beginning of February.

Keep Punching

Coach DomTongue out


January 20, 2010

Back to basic boxer training

Skip rope for 3-5 three minute rounds do at least 10 push-up on the rest

shadowbox 3 rounds

heavybag 3 rounds, punch out on the 30 second bell

finish with your cals

10-15 burpees

30 jumping jacks

30 mt climbers

25 deep knee bends

10 walkoutsto a push up

repeat 2 to 3 times

keep punching

Coach Dom Wink




January 16, 2010

The "Pizza Burner" thanks for the name Katia

Whats needed: Skill: basic Kettlebell, conditioning: intermidiate to advanced

Each of the movements start on the minute, time for each round is eight minutes, do 2 to 3 rounds or do the same number of rounds equal to the number of slices of pizza you ate the night before.

8th min. one arm swing left 16 and 16 jumping jacks or 8 burpee's

7th min. one arm swing right 16 and 16 jumping jacks or 8 burpee's

6th min. one arm push presses left 16 and 16 jumping jacks or 8 burpee's

5th min. one arm push presses right 16 and 16 jumping jacks or 8 burpee's

4th min. snatches or high pulls 8 left 8 right and 16 jumping jacks

3rd min. two arm swings 20 and 8 burpee's

2nd min. bent over rows on one leg 10 left 10 right and 16 jumping jacks

1st min. squats front 16 and 8 burpee's

Try to alternate everyother minute between burpees and jumping jacks. This was my workout Saturday, at the end of a long tiering day. My load was a 24 kg kettlebell I did 2 rounds 3 sets of jumping jacks and 5 burpee sets per round. I was going for a third round but a voice went off in my head and said (something I say to all my students) train hard but smart.

keep punching

Coach Dom Wink


January, 14, 2010 year of the Tabata (

Today I did a noon workout with Jen Alfieri. The workout was very basic kettlebell movements, the weight used was med to heavy, the protocal was 10 reps for each of the movements with no more than a 30 second rest between movements. repeat each round or circuit 3 times.

size bells Jen: 16kg and 24kg. Coach 24kg, 32kg and 40kg

2 handed swings

1 arm swing left

1 arm swing right

snatch left

snatch right

clean left

clean right

push press left

push press right

front squat

jump squat

We both broke a good sweat and got a pretty good rush with the heavier load.



Jump rope (3 rounds)

Complete each of the following exercises for 30 seconds. When you complete all 5 exercises, rest for 1 minute (preferably an active rest) and repeat 3 times:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Body Squats
  • Push ups
  • Mountain Climbers

For a finisher: For those with access to kettlebells: 250 swings in under 10 minutes. For those without: Any cardio for 10 minutes whether on treadmill, erg or bike.