Dana Chubb (Coach Dana)  is a second level certified USA Boxing Coach who was born and raised in Rochester, New York.  She started boxing at the age of fifteen and grew to love the sport. Before ROC Boxing she was a member at the Montgomery Boxing Club located on Lyell Avenue in the city of Rochester. In addition to the competition and intense physical benefits of boxing training, she enjoyed the fact that it was taught "old school." Training was left to creativity with the use of various old style equipment. Her determination started young when she was told pretty girls could not box so she pushed herself to work hard and prove to everyone that a girl can fight, and she applies that determination to her coaching style.  

Dana attended Spencerport High School and was on the Girls Basketball and Lacrosse teams. Driven and dedicated, she advanced in every sport she played. From graduation she went on and played Women's Lacrosse at Monroe Community College. It was  there that she joined the first year team at her college and helped win the Region III's Women's Lacrosse Championship and brought them to Nationals ending the session with top scorer and making the All-Region Team. In her second year, she helped win the Region III's Women's Lacrosse Championship and brought them to Nationals. The top scorer for the Lady Turbines that year, Dana was the Most Valuable Player in the 2008 Women's National Lacrosse tournament, and made both the All American and All Region teams.

Dana has been at ROC Boxing since 2005. She has trained and helped people of all ages learn "old school" boxing and help them get into great shape. She has helped train and prepare kids to move into amateur-level boxing and coached them at many amateur fights. She also helped to establish the Mercy High School Boxing Club. At the ROC Dana was introduced to the sport of kettlebell, and found that this also enhanced her coaching regimen. In the fall of 2009, she  traveled to Toronto where she completed her intensive Level 1 Certification from www.agatsu.com. With this knowledge Dana is now intermixing both boxing and kettlebell in her boxing classes for a more advanced workout. She has also advanced her skills by competing in IKFF events in 2012 and 2013 where she has achieved a Candidate Master of Sport ranking for the Kettlebell Snatch.

Dana has a desire to constantly improve herself by looking forward and understanding future certifications and training. She is a key member in organizing various Exhibitions to demonstrate the skills of ROC Boxing members, and she has volunteered her personal time to help make the Knock Out Breast Cancer events successful (2008-2011). With her experience as an athlete, her many years of boxing experience, and her determination and drive, she has seen excellent results with her clientele.