Nick Sirianni is a Level 1 Certified Boxing Coach, and an ACSM Certified Fitness Trainer at ROC Boxing and Fitness. Originally, Nick was involved with Isshinryu Karate from the age of 5, at age 10; however, Nick became involved with boxing when his brother joined the Aquinas boxing team. As soon as Nick was accepted into Aquinas, he followed in his brother's footsteps and joined the team as well. Nick had his first boxing match at age thirteen, as a freshman, in the Aquinas Mission Bouts. Over the course of four years Nick was trained by the ROC's own Coach Dom who taught him everything he knows about boxing.

Nick boxed in the Mission bouts all four years of high school and boxed in Ohio against the Cincinnati High School boxing team.  In his senior year, Nick won the Muhammad Ali achievement award, a trophy that is an actual molding of the fists of "The Greatest", Muhammad Ali molded when he visited Aquinas in the mid 90's. This award is given to a four year boxer who demonstrates leadership towards others. At Aquinas, Nick was also involved with the football program and the track program achieving scholar athlete awards and team scholar athlete awards.

Over the years, Nick has always had a passion for fitness. Nick has completed programs such as "P90X", "P90X Plus", and "Insanity", all of which are renowned by trainers and fitness experts nationwide as being some of the best and most rigorous fitness programs to date. Nick is also involved in Natural Bodybuilding, and distance running. In September 2011 he place first in both the teen and novice divisions of the International Natural Body Building competition. To add to his repetoire, in 2012 Nick successful completed the Jeff Martone CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer certification, and passed his certification for American College of Sports Medicine for Fitness Training.

Currently, Nick is studying exercise physiology at SUNY Brockport and maintains a 3.9 overall GPA. In the future, Nick hopes to become a physical therapist as well as a personal trainer and Level 2 boxing coach. In January 2011, Nick was issued in "The Rochester Insider Magazine" for the Rochester Fitness Issue. Nick is always mixing up his training by finding new and exciting ways to get in shape and taking what he has learned from the sports he has done, his own training, and a variety of fitness programs to mix into workout routines.

Nick hopes to continue training and helping others reach their fitness goals and allow others to enjoy fitness and exercise just as much as he does. Nick uses a coaching style that appreciates new exercises and challenges while incorporating "Old School" boxing routine and technique into workouts. Most importantly, Nick uses a coaching style in which everyone has fun in each workout.